About Us

Today’s consumers find that candles are the best option when they want to create an atmosphere, establish a mood, and bring a warm and welcoming vibe into their homes. Self-motivation and inspiration from my children give me the courage to light up your surrounding area at any time. Despite studying, we want to provide soothing feelings in various functions like weeding, ceremonies, and other significant events in your homes.

Coconut Island

We offer the best candles in various shapes and sizes. Fragrances and scents are other best features in our candles that make your environment more pleasant and captivating. It will not only decorate your home but will increase the freshness of air with a pleasant smell. We are highly motivated to provide environment-friendly candles and asses in reduction of pollution.

You can quickly get these beautiful candles with less amount and can save more money. These candles will deliver a unique touch to your living. Inspired to promote and extend our business to our future children and wants everyone to use our candles deliberately


Hello everyone! I am super excited to introduce myself, my name is Victoria and I am 26 years old. I am a navy veteran, along with currently being a full employee and student and mother to two children. I got urge to bring joy and comfort to people in a different way and decided to started my business. My two children, Naomi and Nasir have given me the courage and inspiration to fuel my business. I thank you for taking the time to read this short message and I can’t wait to hand pour a candle just for you

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